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Class Outline-Pilot Goals

It is the goal of this class to teach you how to do the following:

1 Capture in Video-content from Mini-DV tape using 1394

2 Edit 1 minute pre-content

3 Edit 30 seconds content

4 Edit 1 minute post content

5 Export 2 minutes and 30-seconds of the following

[ Pre-content, Video-content and Post- content ] to Mini-DV tape using 1394


This is an instructor lead, hands on the keyboard and hands on the mouse class.

I intend to follow the outline very close and do not intend to stray off course

To answer questions about non-course outline individual goals.

First I will tell you what we are going to do,

Then I will show you what to do,

Then each student in turn will get a chance

to repeat the keyboard commands and mouse movements for themselves.