John W. Gutmann will be your instructor for an Introductory course on Editing cable TV programs with Adobe Premiere. This is a NON-Linear Editing system.

John Gutmann Ďs first experience with a professional broadcast Video Camera was at WAVE TV3 in Louisville KY in 1973. John did camera operation for the 6 PM and 11 PM news. He also worked the audio board, and ran the film chain, and worked some limited Technical Direction on weekend programs. John also worked on camera to produce taped video commercials for later broadcast.

John also was an onsite audio engineer for the live radio broadcast of the Louisville Symphony.

After retiring from AT&T with 33 years communications, John started his second career in Video Production.

John has done LIVE technical direction on several cable TV programs in public access studios since 1997. John cut his teeth on the "Tech Support" and "Caribbean Report" shows.

In 1998 John produced, directed, and edited "Technology 4 You", a LIVE

24 week cable TV program series in Dekalb county. T4U brought affordable Technology within the financial means and comprehensional grasp, of the cable TV viewers.

In 1999 John produced a 6 month program series called "Financial Independence". This 30-minute program taught you how to become Financially Independent over your lifetime, by adopting methods available to individuals who would follow saving, investing, and simple buying alternatives. Including saving to buy a car, rather than to getting a loan. And purchasing a home rather than renting a house.

Johnís most recent Cable TV program series is the "Caught In Clapper" show. This 30 minute taped program features independent filmmakers and their short films. Most CIC programs would first show the Film and then the Filmmaker interview. During the interview the filmmaker was asked about all the technical details of independent filmmaking. Typical question would be, what sort of camera did you use, how did you find your crew, what system and software did you edit the show with, and how did you develop your show.

"Tech Support" and "Caribbean Report" were video switched live, but some times needed editing to fix errors during the live broadcast. These aired shows were edited using SVHS linear Analog editing equipment.

"Technology 4 You" and "Financial Independence" shows were also switched LIVE and some shows also needed editing, this time with ĺ viewmatic tapes, on a linear analog system.

The "Caught In Clapper" show interviews were shot with a Sony PD-150 Mini-dv video camera. John captured the films using 1394 or firewire input to the computer system and edited them together with the recorded Mini-DV tape interviews, to produce a finished 28-minute 30-second program. Currently there are over 24 programs airing in Dekalb, Fulton, and Gwinnett county.

John also was the videographer, editor, and producer for a 30 second commercial for HL Computer, a retail store in Gwinnett county. Machine Press Video Productions, Johnís company was the advertising agency and purchased time on CBS46 and aired the commercial in the early morning time slot.

John currently works as Master Control Operator for Comcast channel 25 in both Dekalb and Fulton county. John knows what a good tape looks like, and has seen many of the bad ones too.

If you want to learn from someone who has been there and done that, take Johnís introductory class on Adobe Premiere NON-Linear Editing system.