Hello, I m John Gutmann.

I want to talk to you about a service that has been needed for a very long time:

A viewer channel guide for community TV.

We want our viewers to know when and where a show will be aired.

This service is currently not available, so we have come up with a way of getting this information out to viewers.

There are 2 solutions we can utilize:

Each producer can mention something along the lines of,

"hey go visit our Web page and see our program times.

We will also give you an additional bonus":

You will be able to link to other ctv program information."

The other option would be to direct INTERNET SAVY TV viewers

to a website listing of TV programming for their cable channel.






or you can go to






which is much easier to say and remember.

Immediately after watching this video you can go over to your Computer and enter the following URL


and you will see what's current for this month

And for the TV viewers out here, there is a simple way you can help and support the show of your choice.

Visit the CTV-Shows web site, and click on the hyperlink How you can help Promote Community TV Programming

Just print out that flyer and hand it to your friends and neighbors.

You will be supporting the shows of your choice.

Help us put on Community TV Shows that you want to see.

So sit back and listen, we are going to tell you how this works

This web page is a volunteer, free lance effort.

This is a peer producer/volunteer activity. It is a community producer supported,

free lance run, show content provider & supported activity.

We are community tv producers who are helping other community tv producers

The goal is for all community TV producers to be represented and supported,

on an equal storage and reporting activity basis.

This is a grass-route effort with producers helping other producers to promote their productions.

Producers helping producers.

This web page will connect community viewers with community produced programs.

When a recently certified producer first gets started, in actual video production, it is hard enough to get the first couple of shows done.

Let alone, figure out how to promote, and find a way to get it publicly shown in front of the

tv viewers.

And also to provide potential viewers a way to find the show date and time on the TV dial.

This web page is intended as a way that an experienced producer,

can provide a way to help, to promote, and to nourish other experienced

and also less experienced first time producers.

It is a common place that every community TV producer can list information about their show.

This could also be a single page of their own design, with information of their own intent.

Only honest, decent, and legal images and descriptions will appear on these pages.



will follow community NORMS similar to LOAF rules

We expect that 50% of the producers will have their own web page that they primarily promote and support.

The CTV...Shows...Dot...Com..Web page(s) will, on the producers choice, have connecting hyperlinks to the URL of their own web page.

This web site is just a common place where viewers can find more information on a particular show or program.

This web page CTV...Shows...Dot...Com...will support all show producers, at a modest level of text information and photo image sufficiency.

We expect that 50% of the producers will not have their own web page, and can not pay for, or have the mental attention, skills, time or effort to prepare a web page, besides having enough time to produce their own show.


will be a web presence that will provide minimum web page support.

Every time this website is mentioned we would be supporting each other.

We can also have an "In Development" page.

On this page would be a list and brief description of any show In Development.

It would be possible for Producers to list what they are working on and what assistance they may need.

"Working titles" could be listed or "Project code names" could be mentioned to provide a way to link people to activities.

Contact phone numbers, email addresses, web page links can all be provided.

An existing producer may also find the web page by searching the INTERNET like using google, viewing the "Caught In Clapper" show in either Fulton, Dekalb, or Gwinnett counties, talking with other producers or by seeing a 8x11 flyer posted at CTV Studios,

Future producers will find out about the web page via a similar means

A viewer may find the web page by any of the following methods: google search,

www...Dot...M...P...V...P...Dot...TV web page, the "Caught In Clapper" show, or any Community TV producer who includes an ID or verbal mention of the CTV Shows web page.

A producer who mentions on-air, that they are listed on this community tv web page, and recommends the that their own viewers go to the

"CTV....Shows...... dot......com" web page,

would act like a force multiplier, or an effort amplifier, in favor of all producers.

A graphics ID would even be better. Like the one you see on the screen now

We encourage you to check out other Community TV producer shows.

The first time that a producer hears about the "CTV....Shows...... dot......com"

web page,

will most likely be as a result of a personal contact with John W. Gutmann.

So we have a process handled directly by the web master, where text info, and Photo or graphic images, are received, read and observed, and uploaded to the web page.

All web page updates are done in one step. You keep the original, and make modifications, and re-send the entire page at one activity.

We only make individual changes based on supplied text. You modify it, in its entirety, you send a single HTML file that fully replaces the first HTML file, directly to the Web master

It will take a 3rd party verification, that the web page information is Accurate and reasonably Current.

There are No plans at first, to provide audio or streaming video.

Text and Photos only

For this to work at some level of sufficiency, we would need at least one person from each county, who also has a Cable TV connection in their own home. And they would need email and INTERNET connectivity.

I suggest we call this individual a County Verification Rep.

They would need to be able to monitor and verify that the listed program is indeed, still on the TV at the listed time.

We want to Avoid stale information.

We would hope that the producer would inform us that they have stopped providing videos, or they have moved or left town.

Keep in mind, there are videos still running on cable, they are in Re-Run.

It is possible that after 3 months into a 6-month cycle, The Producer will discover NEW information they wish to post.

We prefer that this frequent changing of information is done on your own web page.

However if you don't have one and this is your only web presence, we can help you in some infrequent ways and times.

We do not see a weekly update per producer. This is intended as a periodic once a month for specials, and alternate weekly shows.

We see a once every 3-6 months change or update, for the 13 week or 6 month cycles of regularly scheduled programs.

All information must be submitted by text email, in a form supplied by web master.

The web master would then transfer dates and times to the web.

We would like that each regularly scheduled program, would be verified at least once in a or 6 month period.

And they could be reported on incrementally, at different times, in different amounts. "Catch as catch can."

The web page would be updated, as soon as possible, as the information came in from counties.

This is not a daily or weekly activity.

Create it once, list it once. AND Show it many times.

Verify and report it only at 3 to 6 months intervals.

We want to get to phase 1, quickly and simply We do not want to complicate the effort with a bunch of easy to articulate, highly variable, but hard to implement, complex qualifications.

Well that's it for now. What do you think? Pretty nifty huh.

Finally we have a common place where viewers can look to find out about who & what's on and in which county.

If you want to contribute to this web page, please Prepare a (machine readable file ) and send it by email to

webmaster...at sign...ctv... dash...shows...dot...com

If you don't have email or INTERNET connectivity, you can provide Printed.... information, on a piece of paper, about your show and show times.

We will need to visually read, manually re-type, verify your information, and save it in a machine readable file.

only as a last resort, if you do not have information in print nor machine readable format

call us.

Please contact John W. Gutmann by phone at 770 972 7082

This video is a presentation of "Machine Press Video Productions"

Thanks for watching, I am John Gutmann

your host for "CTV...Shows...dot...com "